He's a mad musical scientist with a big heart

- SignOnSandiego

Kitsch & Sync Production has been helping artists of all genres realize their artistic vision for over 20 years, with 450+ recording credits bearing the award-winning 'Midas Touch' of record producer Sven-Erik Seaholm.

Our unique, Zen-like approach adjusts to best suit our clients' needs & working methods, and their comfort is paramount in our concern. As a result, we've worked with artists as varied as The Album Leaf, Dave Alvin, Michael Tiernan, Via Satellite, Steve Poltz, Buddy Blue, Manuok, Billy Zoom, The Farmers, Judy Henske, Craig Doerge, Peter Bolland, Drew Andrews, The Coyote Problem, Jewel, Buzzkill Romantics, A.J. Croce, Drew Andrews, Loam, Jesse LaMonaca, Dead Rock West, Lee Rocker, The Wild Truth, The Shamey Jays, Lisa Sanders, Podunk Nowhere and Muggles Meshugana Lounge.

Our approach is highly professional and detail oriented, yet surprisingly fast, efficient and very affordable.

Above all, the in-house mantra at KaSPro is Vibe Is King.

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Illustrating our commitment to matchless quality recording and premium visuals is our long(!) list of satisfied clients...

Sven-Erik Seaholm,
Kitsch & Sync Production

Pro = Produced     Rec = Recorded     Per = Performer     Mix=Mixing
= Writer    Mas= Mastered    Art= Graphic Design and/or Web Design

Bit Maps On Demand Living Mix.Mas

Reverend Stickman
More Than Blues Mas

John Meeks
Que Viva! Mas

self-titled album Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.Art.Wrt

The Grim Imperials
El Drag Superior Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Sam Johnson Group Live At Cosmos Mas

Peter Bolland
Two Pines Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Jason Yamaoka
According To The Doctor Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Patrick Lanzetta
"Haven't Missed A Call" single Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

22 Kings
self-titled album Mas

Ugly Boogie
Before The Shadows Come Mas

Jessica Hull Second Wind Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Tim & Amy
Greatest Hits of All Time! Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Robert Cowan
Little Monsters Live Mas

Stone Horse
Grit Rec.Mix.Mas

Sven-Erik Seaholm
Songs from "Time Away" Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Breaking Vega
self-titled Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.

Ron Richard
Pretty Girl Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Gabriela Aparicio
Best Version of Me Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club
Compilation Mas

David Brauner
Spokes On A Wheel Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Comfort In Chaos
self-titled Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Reverend Stickman
The Durango Project Mas

Wolfgang Graeskamp Wolfgang & Ludmilla Mas

Christopher Dale
"Hands" b/w "San Diego" Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

The Rhythm Method
Live In The Studio Mas

Rob Hoadley
"Beautiful Girl" Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Ian Allen Demon Station Mas

The Grim Imperials
Kicksville A.D. Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Peace In Palestine
self-titled Rec.Mix.Mas

Dave Michaels
"By The Way" single Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Traps Rec

Alan Hastings
Dysfunction Junction Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Burnout Kids
EP Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Blaze Eisner
American Spirit Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Americana")

The Jive Bombers
EP Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Nik Nikhil Kaswani
"Every Day I Wake Up" single Rec.Mix

Los Romanticos
Si Si Puede Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Art

Sam Bybee I Hate Pretty Girls Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Seaholm Mackintosh
Monarchs Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.Art.Wrt
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Pop Album")

Ari Marsh
Through The Bloodstream Rec.Mix.Mas

David Brauner
The Nashville Album Rec.Mix

Hans Rotschi
Nimm dini Boim mit...Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.Art

The Diamonds
The Diamonds Rec.Mix.Mas

Alan Land
Coyote Choir Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Art

Vince Constanza "Every Second" Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Drew Andrews
Hell Yes, I'm For Real EP Mix.Mas

Tim Flack
The Bridge Is On Fire Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.

Ian Allen
And So It Begins... Mas

Christopher Dale
"The Beer Song" Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Monkey Wagon/Matt Rhea (Split 7") Spooky Tunes, Volume 1 - Mas

Iva Salazar
Samoan Grandma's Children's Songs Rec.Mix.Mas

Larry Robinson
Cadillac & Trailer Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.Art

Muggles Meshugana Lounge
Driftwood Motel Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.Art.Wrt

Drew Andrews
63 Psychic States Pro.Rec.Mix.Per.Mas

Further South Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.Art

Jennifer Lee
Wanderlust Mas

Black Bottom Pie
EP Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Dane Scott
Dane Scott Pro.Rec.

Tommy Rude
Rude Awakening EP Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Wild Older
Women W.O.W. Rec.Mix

David Brauner
God Is Love Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Bill Cornish
Stories Without Words Mas

The Old Horse Rec.Mix

Podunk Nowhere
Stay Warm Hearted Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.Art

Jesse LaMonaca and The Dime Novels
Until The Stars Came Out  Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per.Art

Picture Head
Picture Head Mas

John Meeks Old Blood  Mas

Reverend Stickman
Half-Alive  Pro.Rec.Mix

Big Slim
When We Were Young Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Grimoon Super 8  Mas

Tommy Rude
When I See You Again Rec.Mix.Per

Drew Andrews
Playing Birthday Games EP Pro.Rec.Mix.Per.Mas

The Odd Get Even Revenge of The Odd  Mas

Brenda Xu
A Little Illusion "Count To Ten"  Pro.Rec.Mix

Warren Moore
Medicine Man Rec.Mix

Mary Dolan
Bloom  Mas

Regina Leonard
Holiday Songs Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas

Daphne Denniston
Married To The Dashboard Pro.Rec.Mix.Mas.Per

Monster Island Plus
El Otro Galaxia  Mix.Mas

John Foltz
Grounded Pro.Mix.Mas.Art

Christopher Dale & The Grass Gypsys
"Hands" single Pro.Rec.Mas

The Eruption
Giapetto's Workshop Pro.Rec.Mas

The Odd Get Even
self-titled album  Mas.Art

Goldmine: The Songs of Buddy Blue
Compilation Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

The Farmers
Fulmination Per.Wrt.Pro.Rec.Mas.Art
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Country/Americana Album")

The Morning Riot
Carmelita  Mas
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Rock Album")

Stretch/Reach Pro.Rec.Mas

The Shamey Jays
Your Pretty Packages  Pro.Rec.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Rock Album")

The Reader "Overheard In San Diego Theme" Per.Wrt.Pro.Rec.Mas

Austin Jennings
ep Pro.Rec.Mas

Summer Mencher
ep Pro.Rec.Mas.Art

Carlsbad Rocks
Compilation Mas

Drew Andrews I Could Write a Book EP/Single) Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

Peter Hall
Schwagtown  Art

Lisa Sanders Raw Pro.Rec.Mas

Veronica May
ep Pro.Rec.Mas

Happy Ron
Terribly Happy Pro.Rec.Per.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Local Recording")

Drew Andrews
Only Mirrors Pro.Rec.Per.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Alternative Album", "Album of The Year")

Jesse LaMonaca
Alive On Law St. Pro.Rec.Mas

No End To Limitations Mix.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, "Best Alternative"

L7 Creative Group
Dozens of Radio Spots Rec.Mix.Mas

Andy Robinson
"The Open Door" single Mix.Mas

The Grass Gypsys
Lessons From Eden Pro.Rec.Mas.Art

ep Pro.Rec.Mas

Anthology Pro.Rec.Mas

Live Love
Compilation Mas.Per

Neil MacPherson
Solace Mix.Mas

Sam Bybee
8am  Pro.Rec.Mas.Per

Bill Cornish Inner Visions Mas

The Real Thing Can Be A Bad Idea Pro.Rec.Mas.Per

The Drabs
self-titled album  Pro.Rec.Mas

Dirt Road Rendezvous Rec.Mas

Allied Gardens
self-titled album  Pro.Rec.Mas.Art.Per

Sheila Sondergard
Spoke Too Loud  Pro.Rec.Mas.Per

self-titled album Pro.Rec.Mas.Art
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Local Recording")

Buzzkill Romantics
5 Song EP Pro.Rec.Mas

Brenda Xu
It's True Pro.Rec.Mas.Art

The Coyote Problem
California Pro.Rec.Mas.Art.Per
(SDMA Winner, “Best Americana Recording")

The Traveling Tree
self-titled album Pro.Rec.Mas

Blue Skies Await Pro.Rec.Mas.Art.Per

Sven-Erik Seaholm Sotto Voce Pro.Rec.Mas.Wrt.Art.Per
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Local Recording")

Brenda Panneton
An Emotional Woman Pro.Rec.Mas.Art.Per

Michael Tiernan Spaces Pro.Rec.Mas.Art.Per

Further South Pro.Rec.Mas.Art.Per

House of Moralists Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

Listen Local
Cooks! Vol. 1 Mas

Simeon Flick
Reactive Soul Pro.Rec.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Local Recording")

Molly Wilmot
Songs of Love & Death Rec.Mas

Pau Hana
Island Lion Mas

The Morning Riot
self-titled album Pro.Rec.Mas
(Winner 2007 LA Music Award "Best Independent Punk Album)

The Eruption
Standing In The Shadow of The Scarecrow  Pro.Rec.Mas

Barbara Nesbit
5 Song EP Pro.Rec.Mas

Wisdom Of Ages Pro.Rec.Mas

Whiskey Tango
7 Songs Pro.Rec.Mas

Marie Haddad
A Beautiful Road Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art

The Wild Truth
This Golden Era Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Americana Album")

i feel beautiful Mas
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Local Recording")

Yellow Dog Pro.Rec.Mas

Adam Gnade
Run, Hide, Retreat, Surrender Mas

Crash Carter
Red Buttons Blink Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

The Farmers
Loaded Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art
(SDMA Nominee "Best Rock Album", Miles of Music's "Album of The Year")

Bill Cornish
Sojourn Mas.Art

The Wild Truth
Live Near KKSM Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art

Live at The Kava Lounge  Pro.Rec.Mas

Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes
Sweet On The Vine Art

Peggy Claire Trio I Remember You Pro.Rec.Mas

Sunday Stop
self-titled album Mix.Mas

The Album Leaf
red tour ep Mas

Story of Blue
 EP Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

The Coyote Problem Wire Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art
(SDMA Winner, “Best Americana Album")

Michael Tiernan
Jumping In Pro.Rec.Per.Mas
(Winner 2006 LA Music Award "Best AAA Album")

The Shrines self-titled album Pro.Rec.Mas

self-titled album Pro.Rec.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, "Best Electronica", "Best Local Recording)

Amelia Browning Claire Trio live ep Pro.Rec.Mas

Meghan LaRoque
album Mas

Ian Allen
album Mas

14th Annual Compilation Per

self-titled album Pro.Rec.Mas

I Only Laugh When It Hurts Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

Judy Henske
live recording Rec

Trick Rage Coming of [R]age Mas.Art

The Beat Farmers
Tales of The New West (Rhino Records Special Edition) Art

The Beat Farmers
Live At The Spring Valley Inn Art

Listen Local, Vol. One
compilation album Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.

Via Satellite
Cities Are Temples Pro.Rec.Mas

The Gandhi Method
Hi Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art.Wrt
(SDMA Nominee, "Best Acoustic")

ep Pro.Rec.Per

The Flying Putos
The NoodlesTapes: Live  Mas.Art

Dave Howard
Into The Wind Pro.Rec.Per

San Diego Is Burning
Compilation Pro.Rec

Swan Dive
ep Pro.Rec

Goodbye, Blue Monday
Next Time We Stop Breathing Pro.Rec.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, Best Rock)

Drew Andrews
Songs From My Answering Machine Rec.Mas

Popskull Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

Sven-Erik Seaholm
Upload Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Mas.Art

Christopher Dale
Pick Me Up Per

The Gandhi Method
Merry Christmas, Baby  Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Mas

Bill Cornish
Horizons Art

Via Satellite
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Electronica”, "Best Alternative") Rec.Mas

Judy Henske
She Sang California Rec

LowCloudCover One Little Shot In The Eye Pro.Rec.Art

Michael Ray Band
Grease Monkey single Rec

Via Satellite & Goodbye, Blue Monday
We (Heart) Music Pro.Rec.Mas

Buddy Blue
Sordid Lives Pro.Rec

Waterline Drift
self-titled ep Pro.Rec.Mas

Big Moe Band
demos Pro.Rec.Mas

Carol Ames
Shades of Indigo Pro.Rec.Per.
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Americana Album")

Rick Fam
No Disguise Pro.Rec.Mas

John Helsley
Hope Street Pro.Rec.Mas

Waterline Drift
The New Shape of Your Head Pro.Rec.Mas
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Rock")

The Corrupters
self-titled album Pro.Rec.Mas

Via Satellite:
(San Diego Music Award Winner, “Best Alternative”)

Darlin’ and Rose
Tomorrow, Yesterday Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Mas.Art

Chuck Schiele & The Mysterious Ways
self-titled album Per

self-titled ep Pro.Rec.Mas.Art

self-titled ep Pro.Rec.Mas

Buddy Blue
Pretend It’s Okay  Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art
(SDMA Winner, “Best Blues Recording”)

Step Into My World Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art
(JPF Music Award Nominee, “Best Female Rock”)

Drew Andrews
My Lover, The Sea Rec.Mas

Dave Howard
Unbelievable Unknown  Per
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Acoustic Album”)

Carlos Olmeda
Sensitive Groove Pro.Rec.Per
(SDMA Winner, “Best Acoustic Album”)

Romy Kaye
My Mother’s Daughter Pro.Rec.Mas.Art

Via Satellite
Kubler-Ross Sessions Pro.Rec.Mas

Red Shoes
(Elvis Costello tribute band) self-titled ep Pro.Rec.Mas

Dead Rock West
self-titled ep Pro.Rec.Per

Twisted ep Pro.Rec.Mas.Art

Muggles Meshugana Lounge
self-titled album Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art

Strange Fruit
Little Town ( single) Pro.Rec.Mas

Crying Out Loud
self-titled album Rec.Per.Art

Jesús Bas
Natural Pro.Rec.Mas.Art

Via Satellite
Wake Up Heavy Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art
(SDMA Winner, “Best Local Recording”)

Buddy Blue
Dipsomania! Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art
(SDMA Winner, “Best Blues Album”), featuring Dave Alvin, Billy Zoom & Lee Rocker

Darlin’ and Rose
self-titled album Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art

Brian Goodwin
Nevermind The Sea Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

Muggles Meshugana Lounge
demos Pro.Rec.Mas

Jake Bass Band
demos Pro.Rec.Mas

Peggy Watson
demos Rec

Various Artists
Save Mikeys Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

Bruce Dale Betz
Emotional Express Lane Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art

Beth Ladwig
self-titled ep Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art

Christopher Robin
Change single Pro.Rec.Per.Mas

Joe Marillo
Ebersol Sessions ep Rec

Jeffrey Joe Morin
Antique Songs Pro.Rec.Mas

Via Satellite
Please Play This Music Mix

Buddy Blue
Greasy Jass Pro.Rec.Mas.Art

Absolutely Fabulous Disease Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art

Billions of Hot Machines
Zero of the Bohm Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Art

Various Artists
Elvis On Acid Pro.Rec.Per

Seaholm, etc.
Passion’s Little Plaything Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Art
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Local Recording”)

Mary Dolan
Grow Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Art
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Local Recording”)

Jesús Bas
Sketches Pro.Rec.Art

Mega Pro.Rec.Art
(SDMA Nominee, “Best Local Recording”)

Various Artists
Signatures (acoustic compilation album) Pro.Rec.Per.Mas.Wrt.Art

Miss America Pro.Rec.Per

Buddy Blue
Dive Bar demos/pre-production Rec.Per

live recording Rec.Per

Marc DeCerbo
live recording Rec

Lisa Sanders
demo Pro.Rec

Frank Lee Drennen
Scratch Pro.Rec.Art

Sven-Erik Seaholm
Blood & Ink Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Art

The Wild Truth
Cryptomnesia Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Mas.Art

Mondo Acoustica
ep Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt

Jeanne Wooster
demo Pro.Rec.Art

The Wild Truth
self-titled album Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Mas.Art

Sven-Erik Seaholm
Back From The Drawing Board Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Mas.Art

self-titled ep Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt.Art

Sven-Erik & the E-Ticket Rollers
demo Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt

Sven-Erik Seaholm
Long, Long Time b/w How Come You Never Write? Single Pro.Rec.Per.Wrt

...and many more!