Mastering is perhaps the most mysterious and misunderstood step in the  journey between your inspiration and your finished musical product.

Simply stated, mastering is the final, crucial process that takes your project from a collection of great mixes to a cohesive "whole"; a balanced, well-defined artistic statement, if you will.

Through subtle use of EQ, compression, limiting and other tools, each song is lightly sweetened to achieve the optimal listening experience for your listeners.

This process is a highly specialized one, that requires amazing ears and a keen sense of not only when to do something, but just as importantly, when not to.

Many people describe the results as "magical" and "just more better".  It's not hard to forgive the lack of words, as much of the time it's something one feels as well as hears.

While our mastering experience is long and our list of satisfied clients even longer, we believe that this process is an all-important final stage before you send your music out into the world.  Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, including pricing.