Click on any of the sound clip links below to hear what makes our work so special to our many clients and their fans...


The Farmers Lost In My Car
     from the album "Loaded" (2005)

The Buzzkill Romantics Come Clean
     from their forthcoming second album (2007)

Simeon Flick Carve
     from the album "Reactive Soul" (2006)

Superdoo  Waitress
     from their self-titled album (2007)

Goodbye, Blue Monday  Living Is Easy
     from "Next time We Stop Breathing" (2003)

The Morning Riot  Bed Against The Wall
     from their self-titled album (2006)

Gel Alive
     from their self-titled album (2000)

The Wild Truth  This Golden Era
     from their album This Golden Era (2006)

lowcloudcover Passive Agressive
     from their self-titled album (2003)

The Eruption  Brownstar
     from "Standing In The Shadow of the Scarecrow" (2007)

butterFace  Put You Down
     from their album "House of Moralists" (2007)



The Coyote Problem I'll Let Go
     from their album "Wire" (2005)

Michael Tiernan You Hide
     from the album "Spaces" (2007)

Barbara Nesbitt Fly
     from her self-titled demo (2006)

Sven-Erik Seaholm Acquiesce
     from the album "Sotto Voce" (2007)

Darlin' and Rose Honky Tonk Eyes
     from their self-titled album (2000)

Dead Rock West How Did I Get Here?
     from their self-titled album (2001)

Dave Howard Into The Wind
     from the album "Into The Wind" (2004)

Allied Gardens
Home In These Hills
     from their self-titled album (2007)

loam  Gliding Bird
     from their live album "Mega" (1994)



Crash Carter Fill You Up
     from the album "Red Buttons Blink" (2005)

Intercept Berlin
     from the album "Yellow Dog" (2005)

Sheila Sondergard Spoke Too Loud
     from the album "Spoke Too Loud" (2007)

Via Satellite Seven Winged Lions
     from the album "Cities Are Temples" (2004)

Muggles Meshugana Lounge '67 Bus
     from their self-titled album (2000)

Manuok  nomtoucherpas
     from the self-titled album (2005)

No Time To Be Angry
     from the album "Welcome To My World" (2002)

Brooklyn Journey
     from the album "Blue Skies Await" (2007)

Marie Haddad Faster
     from the album "A Beautiful Road" (2006)



Buddy Blue  St. James Infirmary
     from the album "Sordid Lives" (2003)

Romy Kaye  Cold Spell  (feat. Gilbert Castellanos)
     from the album My Mother's Daughter (2001)

Judy Kenske  Ace In The Hole (Live at Dizzy's)
     from the album "She Sang California" (2006)

Dave Alvin & Buddy Blue  Dipsomanic Emission
     from the album "Dipsomania" (1999)